Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Tuscan hills: Fiesole

This is a totally late post, but I'd still like to share with you the scenic Tuscan hills of Fiesole. Though Fiesole is still within Florence, the surrounding felt more Tuscan and cozy, so it was definitely a break from walking around the busy touristic city center day after day. And with only half an hour bus ride and 4 euro worth of ticket (to and from the center), we didn't waste the chance of spending an entire Saturday afternoon in the hills.
Playing with light

Church of San Francesco

I remember when we were still looking for an apartment, one of my house mates suggested that we live in a villa in this area. Unfortunately, traveling everyday can be time consuming so we were not quite sold with the idea (although the residence in question is a three-storey, 6 bedroom villa with a large swimming pool overlooking the wineyards of the hills. not to mention, the rent was the same as what we're currently paying right now for our apartment)

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  1. That place is awesome! A very nice place to spend the holidays! Have fun!!