Monday, October 3, 2011

Oh Hello Birth Month!

In between finishing Studio design works and working on my online job, I still managed to squeeze in a short time to produce a decent blog post. Not that i pride myself in being too good with time-management, but i succumbed to distractions well enough to remember that it's actually October, and my birth month deserve a post on its own. lol

October is my favorite time of the year, not just because my birthday falls on this month, but because a lot of things take place in October. However, being out of my comfort zone, I'm quite not sure what this month will hold for me.

but here are some sure things that will take place/planned this October:

Moving in to the New Apartment!!!!

Possible trips

 Cinque Terre!!!! (photo from weheartit)

Chianti!! (photo from

Can't wait to get out of town. Not that i'm tired of Florence, but the city is so small, you could literally walk the city center in less than three hours.

lol, definitely not an interesting post. i just blab and blab for hours when i get excited