Thursday, May 19, 2011

The unhelpful heritage vanishes

so there

Monday, May 16, 2011

28 Before 28

I know this is kind of crazy but I love lists, and as much as I can fit a 25 before 25, I know I tend to procrastinate, hence, getting me a lot slower to get some of the things that I wish for. So why twenty-eight? Well, I figured 28 is a good age to marry (hihihih) and I want a lot of things to do before I get tied down. Also, four years is a good number to really nail them all down and make them come true. And if ever I don’t get to marry by 28, it will still be a pivotal age, since, hello, I should really be something by then. So anyway, here are my 28 things to do before 28 (i stuffed all to-visit/to-go categories in one number since my places to visit would take up so much on my list LOL)

  1. See the world by not doing all too tourist-y stuff- not exactly in this order:
  • visit Japan one fine April
  • spend a few days partying and getting sloshed in Mykonos/ Ibiza since Boracay is soo college-student friendly right now
  • Venezia Carnevale
  • chill in Maldives (since there’s not much to do in Maldives)
  • bring my parents to Amanpulo
  • come back for my rocker devata in Cambodia (I fell in love with Siem Reap so I’m going back by 2014)
  • get to ride on those floating markets in Thailand
  • shop my heart out in HCMC and make like a rich backpacker in Hanoi
  • Bohoooooooooooool (coz I’ve been to cebu twice but I’ve never been to Bohol)
  • Wakeboard (and actually learn the proper way) in CWC
  • Visit Anj in Singapore
  • Cruise Rome with a Vespa
  • Weekend road trip in Italian Provence
  • Malta!!!!
  • Spend Thanksgiving and early December in New York
  • Spend a romantic night in Verona
  • Daytime picnic in Paris
  • fabric and accessories-shopping in Morocco!!!!
  • Turks & Caicos
  • Turchia and smoke with my amazing Turkish roommate, Miray!!!!!!

  1. A good international education for credentials and that WOW factor. May include one or two or all of these schools:
  • Kingston University (Design: Product+Space)
  • Chelsea Design ( short course)
  • Florence Institute of Design International
  •  Pratt (Design Management)

  1. Set-up our lighting eco-store in Manila
  2. Set-up an arts store with cool café
  3. Finally start out that glass house guest deck in Samal.
  4. Not get myself into any LV-Gucci-Channel craze and actually finding that perfect luxe bag/accessories for me without the risk of running in to clones. 
  5. Get featured in a local/ international TV show for my designs.
  6. Start my interior design firm before reaching 28.
  7. Learn how to cook a mean pasta dish
  8. Learn how to be domesticated  (i.e. cleaning the house, doing the laundry)
  9. Learn the ways of the cheap chic and the sophisticated glam
  10. Publish/ write articles for a local/international magazine.
  11. Win a Palanca award for short story- 
  12. Learn how to speak at least two more languages fluently- currently studying
  13. Join and place in a major aquathlon competition.
  14. Be featured in an international interior design magazine
  15. Watch the unset/sunrise in Angkor Wat (because this deserves a separate number)
  16. Get to wear  and own a complete four season wardrobe set.
  17. Find the courage to know who the right person is for me
  18. Participate in an international design exhibit
  19. Teach!
  20. Learn how to make a leap of faith.
  21. See the Aurora Borealis and take great photos and videos of it
  22. Achieve and maintain my ideal weight and waist line
  23. Get shit-faced drunk... while walking on high heels. and be totally clueless how i got home or what happened the next day
  24. Be good with one kind of dance (cardio-striptease/ethnic dance not included)- salsaaaa, i shall master you!
  25. experience a different kind of high (if you know what i mean *wink)
  26. Travel in a foreign country on my own.

yellow- in progress