Monday, January 2, 2012

What I Got Myself into Last 2011

2011 was a productive year for me and I couldn't thank the Big Guy above enough, as well as all the important people in my life for giving me the opportunities of enjoying this year much more than 2010. As what my wondergirl-extraordinary daydreaming partner Gwen once said before the start of 2011, 2011 would be the "endeavor" year and 2012 will be our "achieve-na-achieve" year. Since mahilig akong gumora in everything, here are some of the events that I got myself into last 2011.

Passed IELTS with a high band score (photo credit: British Council Philippines)

                                                                 Turn-over of Delima Condo

Started on my Zumba and other HIIT workouts (Video credit: GRDanceFitness) but eventually stopped by mid-February bilang nagkasakit ako =/


Celebrated my boyfriend's birthday with friends


*Applied and got chosen for a scholarship grant

Started and maintained a regular swimming training at kaloka sina coach bilang national team ang tine-train, so push kung push sa akin. We always had our sessions at Marikina Sports Center (Photo credit:

Went back to the province for one of my closest cousins' wedding (guy in dark shades)

though i got a scholarship to study in the UK, I decided to follow my dream of studying in Italy and enrolled myself at Florence Institute of Design International instead (photo credit: FIDI website)

El Nido with my closest college group in UP. half of us lang ang nakapunta since the rest were busy with work (a.k.a. di pinayagang magleave)

July was all work-related since magrresign na ako the following month. Handled Ilocos Norte's ID work for Balai Condo. I also got to work on a big residential project in Bulacan, where I turned their old house into a white villa. I'll post pictures once i get back in Manila

Now, August was full of despedidas and the good thing about these despedidas was that i got the chance to see my closest groups again. I have this thing kasi for small close groups rather than large group acquaintances, so madaming ganap at hiwa-hiwalay since magkakaiba ng schedules in life.(i don't have photoshop with me right now so i can't stitch my photos together. bear with me, whoever is reading this blog)

With the people I hang out with almost every weekend/weeknights

With my elementary classmates (manila-based)
Joint-despedida for Joey and I since he also left to study in Korea

With my closest college orgmates

With my college roomies (which were not my real roommates, btw)


School and endless partying on weeknights in Firenze. It was crazy.


Celebrated our 4th yr anniversary.I'm happy to say that this LDR thing isn't giving us a hard time since it taught me how to become more patient and understanding. I can't wait to be with him by May.

My 25th Birthday. The lengths that these people got themselves into to surprise me was worthy of a blog entry. 

End of the 1st Semester

Other things that happened last 2011:
* got more online jobs and offers <3
* countless foodtrips with cherry and papa ching
* started planning our eco-store business 

With all the wonderful events that took place last 2011, here's to hoping that Gwen's "achieve na achieve" year will come to reality.