Monday, June 25, 2012

I've been quite on a blogging hiatus and there's not much going on in my twitter either. The past 6 months have been quite a blur, a stressful, crazy, fascinating blur and there are days when I think I've been going through life faster than I should. I've forgotten how it feels like to sit by the window, while sipping hot chocolate on a rainy day or having a full brunch, downed with a sparkling Bellini. Days like these were exchanged with rushed cafe late on an al fresco bar while puffing a stick or two, eating kebabs while catching up on my series (kebabs in Italy are totally worth the sudden weight gain) or skypeing with friends and family while answering work-related mails. Multi-tasking was indeed the name of the game and I'm just too psyched now that I have more time to stop and just breathe.
Anyway, some highlights from the last 6 months:

New Year in Rome:

Spring-break in Ibiza (where I was able to score a very cheap flight and a cheaper apartment)

Saloni Internazionale del Mobile

Finally got my Masters degree in Interior Design (!!!!). Note the chubbier cheeks after a year of pizza, pasta and bistecca.

 A year of being 24/7 with talented young artists from different cultures, definitely changed my views on friends, relationships, design and my control over my emotions (something that I have a lot of issues about in the past years). I don't know if these changes are on the positive side or not, but I guess reflecting on these changes, is what the next three weeks of utter simplicity of my hometown are for. Glad to be back!!!

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